Xeo 20 - ON-mag.fr

In classical French manner, HiFi magazine ON-mag.fr has just added another love letter to our reviews on Dynaudio’s Xeo 20.

Among other points, it especially praises the easy usability and convenient details of speaker design and functions, elevating Dynaudio's game in the active speaker trend.

"We are rarely disappointed by Dynaudio products, and here is another success for the Danish manufacturer. The Xeo 20 active speakers have everything: advanced connectivity, built-in amplification and ultra-catchy sound reproduction."

"The Xeo 20 are rather small bookshelf speakers with a 14cm woofer only. At first, we didn't expect much. But the Xeo 20 are brimming with vitality. They fill the room, as much as the sound stage. The speakers no longer exist, they fade in with the music."

Merci, merci.

If you're fluent in French, feel free to check out the article here.



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